Tonight, we were Torte a lesson..

It’s become our habit, whilst on holiday, to forgo a self catered breakfast and locate an establishment that will supply us with cereals, croissants and hot beverages. So this morning we found ourselves in search of such a place. Our first choice La Vaca Atada was full and we settled for coffee and toast somewhere else, however La Vaca will appear later.

Although there were threatening skies we were determined to walk round the outer limits of Cadiz, the sea walls that are pounded by the Atlantic and then the beaches lapped by the kinder waves of the Bay of Cadiz. As we processed along the promenade, dark clouds began to gather and curtains of rain could be seen falling from them in the distance.  By the time we’d reached the headland and ‘Playa de la Caieta’ a fuel stop for coffee was required. It was here that the heavens opened and customers who’d been sat outside rushed into the small cafe, which became overburdened with clientele. Five minutes later it was over, sodden bills presented and paid for and we continued, trying to find our way past puddles.

We wandered through a charming park with wonderful flowers, intricate topiary and water features that were there before the rains came. Rounding the northern corner of Cadiz we decided that our explorations should turn inland and we went in search of lunch. Cutting across town is relatively easy and at Plaza San Antonio we stopped to quench our thirst and top up our expanding waistlines.

In what was now warm sunshine we walked back to the apartment, where we rested legs and stomachs before venturing out this evening for a light dinner. We tried our first choice breakfast venue again and found it to be relatively empty. We chose two salads from the menu, congratulating ourselves on the healthy selections we’d made. They were delicious and quite filling. However, the waiter tempted us by asking if we’d like desserts. Oh, how easily we are led…..

We ordered two chocolate mousses but the waiter’s shift ended without our order appearing and we had to choose again. Unfortunately one of the cakes on offer was sachertorte and our good intentions fell by the wayside. In our defence there was a small piece of fresh fruit on top of the chocolate. We compounded our gluttony with two glass beakers of coffee with chocolate in the bottom, topped with aerated milk and a squirt of chocolated sauce. The healthy salads were but a distant memory……


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