First, find your suitcase..

Well, that should be easier than it sounds but my search involved a trip behind the wardrobe. Sadly I wasn’t looking for Narnia, rather a heavy sports bag with a handle and wheels. After a strenuous couple of minutes I unearthed Susie’s suggested luggage and immediately dismissed her choice….

I am however digressing (something I have a tendency to do). After visiting Barcelona and Granada in October of 2016, we were determined to return to Spain. We felt there was unfinished business in Barcelona and that we could fit in a trip to Girona too. We found apartments, booked flights, and an overnight hotel at Orly (which included not only breakfast but parking for 15 days too), plus some house and petsitters from Auckland, NZ. We plumped for late Spring as an optimum time to visit. Though it must be said, we had other plans for the rest of the year.

So, back to the suitcase (see, I told you I digressed). We are flying with Transavia and upgraded our tickets (we didn’t want to be seated with crates of live chickens) to have the advantage of a larger checked in piece of luggage plus two small ‘tuck under your seat’ bags. I was determined that the check in luggage should be of the ‘hard shell’ type and this morning an order was placed for a 70 litre case with a telescopic handle and spinner wheels. Sadly it isn’t self propelled but you can’t have everything. Anyway it should arrive on our doorstep tomorrow, probably in a cardboard box the size of a medium hen house.

Ah yes, you may be wondering about the chocolate reference in the blog title…I think you’ll have to wait for the next blog entry…


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