We’re not Willy Wonkas…just slightly bonkers…

I’m just a tad disappointed. The new suitcase arrived but in a sensibly sized box…

…and it only weighs 3kg

I have to admit it glides across the dining room tiles very smoothly. How it will survive airport baggage handlers remains to be seen.

So, why is the blog domain called ‘chocolate hunters’? This really began when we stayed in Barcelona last time. The introduction of chocolate into Europe began with the Spanish, who brought it back from South America. It’s not surprising therefore that Barcelona has a multitude of gourmet opportunities to imbibe chocolate in various forms. For me the most memorable was the ‘chocolate and churros’ we had after our tour of the Gothic Quarter.

Taken in October 2016 at Petritxol, Barcelona

The churros are deep fried twists of piped sweet dough, liberally sprinkled with sugar which you dip in your cup of hot chocolate. The chocolate was not overly sweet and so thick you could stand a spoon up in the cup.

Anyone who knows us, must acknowledge that we are not averse to eating out and trying new dishes. It’s even been known for Susie to have a ‘chocolate explosion’ for dessert. That’s eating one, not actually having one. We’ve been enticed to book a chocolate tour in Barcelona next month, which is somewhat ‘hands on’ in that we will be taught to ‘temper’ chocolate. Susie has also been researching everything she can find on chocolate and now probably knows more about the thing than our erstwhile tour guide. A by product of her research turned up in the postbox today…

Chocolate German style..

Taste testing these high end bars of chocolate is a burden we don’t mind bearing, just think of it as a service we happily provide for you, the consumer. The results of our testing will be revealed shortly, just as soon as I can roll myself back to the keyboard…

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