Uzes loses and iffy wifi

I must say, here and now, that this blog may be either long or truncated due to lack of or unreliable wifi during the last week or so. It is also possible that tiredness and over eating had an influence of my writing abilities.

So, we had intended to visit Uzes while in Nimes. On paper (or the internet) it seemed an easy trip but we had an unfortunate attack of Nimes Knees so decided to wander round the Roman Museum instead. Preparations for the evenings bullfight were in full swing and from the upper floors of the museum we could see the horses being led away from their transporter. It’s a nice museum with excellently curated exhibits and a friendly staff. We’d had a snack at the museum cafe before our visit where our waiter told us that his 17 year old daughter was going to begin a job as an aupair in Peterborough. Bit of a change from Nimes…

We went back to the hotel to massage our wonky knees and prepare for our evening meal at the restaurant on the top floor of the museum. We were one of the first to arrive and were seated on the terrace, overlooking the arena where mercifully, the bullfight had just ended. During our meal we were serenaded (all at the same time) by a jazz band, a samba band and a France Bleu disco. It didn’t spoil our meal or disturb our nights sleep. We really like the Ibis Styles hotel in Nimes and would use it again. Next morning we left for Pezenas, by way of Aigue Mortes.

Pezenas is only a 90 minute drive from Nimes. Sadly our plans were again thwarted by roadworks and a loud French motorist who shouted at me for cutting him up on a roundabout..the nerve of some people.

This was our third visit to Pezenas and apart from staying in a boutique hotel, which was tired and not a little scruffy nothing had changed. We wandered round the artisans shops and had an excellent tapas meal on our second evening. It certainly outdid the hotel bistro, whose food was not scruffy but definitely a bit tired.

We then moved on to Leran, to visit friends in the area. We stayed at Creamundo whose breakfasts were out of this world but whose wifi was….well more of that in the next blog.

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