The Year Of Living Safely..

There was a time (P.C…pre covid) that if you wore a mask which covered your face and you weren’t in the medical profession, your probable intent was to hand over a plastic carrier to a terrified counter assistant and tell them to empty a cash drawer into it. How things have changed…

This was to be the year of the ‘big trip’. A near four week tour of Western Canada, to mark my 70th birthday. Almost everything was planned and booked. Flights, hotels and a ferry through the Inside Passage, from Vancouver Island to Bella Coola. Then came Covid and our flights were cancelled. Canada more or less pulled up the drawbridge.

During French lockdown, when only one of us was allowed out to shop (with the required form, signed and dated) we dared to hope that lockdown wouldn’t last forever. We planned an alternate holiday (as we still had flights to Amsterdam) taking in a train tour of Holland, Germany and Poland where we would meet up with friends.

It became apparent though, that travel to other countries, whilst not forbidden, was too risky for us. Another change of plans. Surely staying on French territory was safer? We looked into visiting Corsica and got quite enthused. But then our lovely pet sitters, Gill and Charlie came under the UK governments quarantine regulations and logistically it was too complex. Holidays 2020 were cancelled completely.

Most of our home based Spring and Summer was given over to a garden makeover. We had over 40 fir trees felled, keeping the cherry trees and a large ash tree on the drive which was topped and thinned out. The amount of extra light is amazing and the garden is thriving on it.

A few weeks ago, Susie tried to separate two of our cats that were fighting. She ended up with a nasty bite on her wrist, which developed an abscess and has needed microsurgery and an extended stay in the hospital at Avranches, which serves delightful gourmet meals. There’s more than a touch of irony there…

While she has been in hospital, we very sadly lost Podge, our 13 year old black lab, who Susie had known from a few days old, so Susie had a really difficult time when she heard the news. Two hunters found her in a field not too far away and she is now buried near the lawn.

We can now frequent our weekend restaurants, though wearing our obligatory masks until we are seated. Masks must also be worn in shops. It’s by no means a pleasant experience but if we take as many precautions as we can, perhaps we can have a holiday next year…

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