A holiday, a holiday, the last one of the year *

(* final verse)

This is a small town. You can (as we did) look round it in a day. Admittedly, that’s much easier to do if most of the shops are already closed up, if not until next year, till Toussaints. This is the next French public holiday on the 1st of November, when they celebrate the UK leaving the EU. I jest, it’s All Saints Day.

It was a brilliantly sunny morning when we started our little tour, it was still sunny when we finished, an hour later…no, I’m kidding again. We visited one side of the port, one of the beaches, the citadel, walked along the old walls and back to the town. It was more than an hour certainly but not yet time for lunch.

We popped back to the hotel and had a short break, munching on crisps etc. (The etc were delicious) and ventured out again. The forecast rain held off and we walked along the other side of the port, past rows of fishermens huts which had been turned into artisans ateliers and shops, though nearly all were closed. A little further on, we stopped to watch an oyster boat come into port and took several opportunities to try out the local benches because of a recurrence of Toulouse leg fatigue. We found one cafe open, drank decent coffee and ate really poor quality waffles. No Michelin stars here…

Wearily, because we were weighed down by waffles, we returned to the hotel, where I slept for almost two hours…such is the effect of bracing sea air…or maybe it was waffles..

Tonight we had our last meal where washing up after wasn’t a requirement. It was very pleasant and Susie had the freshest oysters possible unless you ate them on the boat bringing them into harbour. We aim to leave by 10 tomorrow, and should be home by 4pm. I’ll be glad to get back to some form of normality…as long as it doesn’t involve more walking…



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