We want to see the bright lights tonight..

All this travelling is playing havoc with my body clock, so I’m unsure as to whether it’s Friday or Saturday, I have little idea of the date and the only way I can tell the time is if I’ve eaten lunch or dinner…ah, you knew food would enter at some point…

Yesterday afternoon we were joined at Maggie and Martin’s by two new house guests. Peta, who is an old friend of Susies and Janice, who is house sitting for Maggie and Martin next week. We all went out for a tapas meal at Le Relais in Mirepoix. We had a great meal in a private side room and as is usual with us, we were the last ones to leave..

Today, we said goodbye to Peta, then Maggie, Martin and Janice and continued our travels to Toulouse. Susie loves Toulouse, so much so that her enthusiasm was having a negative effect on my perception of what the city would be like. Anyway, as usual the satnav took us on a small detour before dropping us at the door of the hotel. We checked in, parked, unloaded, found our room and once orientated, set off for Compans Caffarelli and it’s Japanese Gardens. Let’s make it clear, I’m not a huge fan of gardens, though these were impressively beautiful. Marred a bit by the number of people disturbing the Zen quality of the scenery, it was still tranquil and serene.

We found our way back to the hotel and got ready for our 8pm reservation at Sept, a Michelin starred restaurant, some 20 minutes stagger for two overweight and travel weary pensioners.

I think it’s meant to enhance the establishments ambiance but each table only had one small light and the restaurant was lit like a cinema just before the main feature begins. Add to this the staff being outfitted all in black, I was amazed there weren’t more culinary collisions. We were offered the choice of two degustation menus and chose the one with the least courses. The food was outstanding, though I’ll apologise for the poorly lit photos…

It was almost 11pm by the time we came out and we sauntered back to our hotel through the Saturday night student revellers. Amazingly, there isn’t a plan for tomorrow. I’m sure one of us will come up with something..it may involve food one way or another.

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