Kick out the confitures, brothers & sisters

*For those confused by the blog title (and who wouldn’t be), Google MC5, 1969…

When we stayed in Pezenas, three years ago our breakfasts were greatly added to by jam from a small producer about 40 minutes drive away and on our way towards our friends in the Ariege we decided to take a small diversion to try and buy some.

We left our B&B in Pezenas after breakfast, though not before we got a parking ticket while we collected our suitcases from our room. The jam makers shop was located in the strangely named Neffies. It was a little hard to find, though the square where the shop was located was very interesting. Susie bought quite a few jars of differing flavours, we got back to the car and headed off for Rivel, where Maggie and Martin live.

A short hop down the autoroute and we arrived, had a long chat over coffee, did some unpacking and had a lovely dinner.

The next day, we went to see more friends, Annie and Gary, to collect some furniture of Susies, which they had been storing. This is now being stored with Martin and Maggie until we can arrange for a man with a van, to transport it up to Normandy.

in the evening, we went to Creamundo for dinner. We’d been three years ago and the cuisine is still excellent. Well seasoned, with big flavours and even bigger portions…

Yes, that really was beef stew and fries, which Chef emphasised were Belgian fries, not French…..


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