High on a hill drove a lonely goatherd..

I confess I have a problem with maps. Not ones that you buy to read properly but tourist maps, ones that either don’t bother to put North at the top or put so many symbols on that it’s impossible to read them. So, that’s my petty excuse out of the way. We drove out of the B&B this morning, I turned left, Susie insisted we should have gone straight ahead, we drove a couple of kilometres down the road, stopped, had an argument, then I apologised as Susie was obviously right….as usual.

When we last visited here, we were introduced to Przewalski’s horses, a breed with it’s origins in prehistoric times, who’d almost been eradicated and were now breeding in protected status, here on the Causse Mejean. They are being successfully introduced to Mongolia and of all places, the area round Chernobyl. We sponsor a mare, Volga, who has recently given birth to a male foal, Phenix. So it was our intention to visit the Causse to see if we could catch sight of them. Thanks to my map reading we arrived a little later than intended but still managed to find a small herd, relatively near to the road and the reconstructed village of Villaret.

Susie insists that we saw Volga and Phenix and considering my performance today, I’m not inclined to disagree.

We regrouped back here and as it was quite early decided to drive up to Point Sublime, high above the Gorges du Tarn where we thought we’d enjoy a nice relaxed coffee and a piece of cake. The view from there is unmissable. Sadly the snack bar will only take cash, strictly no credit or debit cards or cheques. The cheery chap behind the bar won’t let you use the loo if you don’t buy something either…..


We took the winding road along the edge of the Tarn back to our hotel, had a short rest and popped over the river to Pas du Loup where we were having dinner tonight. What a lovely, tasty meal, slightly different courses and well seasoned too.

So here we are, tired, full, calm and rested. I’m resolved not to bother with the map anymore. Or perhaps it would better to listen to Susie in future….


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