Wallish Walls..

Yesterday was given over some shopping, of the clothing and hi tech variety. Susie was impressed by my Mum’s new tablet (not oral but Samsung) and I’ve updated my mobile to a Galaxy something or other. Sadly the sim card from my previous phone probably won’t fit so a visit to a Vodaphone shop is in order.

Today we moved on to the Northumberland leg of our trip. I’d decided we could stop in Rothbury for lunch on the way. Rothbury is very attractive town and the Turks Head not a bad place for ‘pub grub’. We wandered round a little after (mainly to walk off a huge helping of sausage and mash) then got back on the road to Horncliffe.

Driving towards Coldstream I passed a road sign to Wallish Walls, which made me wonder if it was twinned with Roofish Roofs or Doorish Doors. However, we made it to Horncliffe and are now comfortably cosseted in the Old Church. Yes, it really is an old United Reform Church, wonderfully renovated and converted into sumptuous bed and breakfast accommodation.

We had a short walk round and were struck by the unusual red shaded stone the houses were constructed with. Apparently, there’s a music festival here this weekend which will be interesting, though we are going to Berwick in search of a Vodaphone shop and probably lunch….

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