A different sort of tower block…

Today we moved on from Mutriku to Onati, not a long journey, even if you ask the satnav to avoid the motorway. What the satnav doesn’t manage is to know where a road is closed so we had a bit of a diversion cross country rather than following the coast road, which was what we wanted to do.

Onati is a small town, though with a confusing central area, which made locating the hotel a bit of a problem. Nevertheless, we made it up the steep one way track to Torre Zumeltzegi where we are staying for six nights. We are on the fourth and top floor, the lift only goes to the third floor so you have some stairs to climb and because it’s virtually an attic, there’s low and exposed beams. You realise it’s low when I (being Hobbit size) whack my head on the beams next to the window. Nevertheless, the room is light, comfortable and well appointed.

We settled in and then wandered into town, down a track even steeper than the one that took us into the port at Mutriku. There’s some interesting buildings and we managed to locate a pretty decent pinxos bar.

Dragging ourselves back up to the tower, we had a short siesta before sampling the hotels restaurant.

We enjoyed our meal and will shortly be getting some rest before our day out tomorrow. Not sure exactly where it is, only that it’s name has lots of Z’s, speaking of which…

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