What a load of pottocks…

Fortified by our cava fuelled breakfast, we left our Casa Rurale this morning and struck out for Pasai Donibane, then Mutriku. Pasai Donibane is only a 17 minute drive away, though if you go via the spine road that follows the crest of the headland and allow yourself a couple of stops along the way, it will take considerably longer.

Our first stop was to look at the scenery but was interrupted by a roaming, free range four legged cow. There were another two or three wandering down the middle of the road and I resisted the urge to find a red cloth and play toreador.

A few kilometres further on and we found a large viewpoint right next to a field with sheep and pottock ponies.  A iconic semi feral Basque breed of horse, pottocks are now an endangered species and in the past have been used as pit ponies. The young foal was very cute…

We duly arrived in Pasai Donibane, an eclectic mix of old Basque buildings and across the inlet, a thriving port. We had a very pleasant lunch, though with the prevailing wind it was a little like dining in a fridge. We strolled round for a while then drove the 30 minutes to Mutriku. We are staying in the same hotel as last year, though this time we have a room with a balcony…Off to Guernica tomorrow…

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