Pinxos, punxos, primero del mes…

So, we begin our travels this year where we left 2018, in the region of Spain where the language is a Scrabble players dream, replete with more X’s and Z’s than you can shake a tile rack at. I’ve checked and sadly there isn’t a Basque version of Scrabble. You’ll also have to excuse the title, a strange and miserable attempt to mix Basque, Spanish and English. (X in Basque is pronounced with a ‘ch’ sound)

Last October we felt that we’d just skimmed the surface of Bilbao and had only vaguely explored the region. Hence plans were laid to return and on Friday we set off for Hondarribia via an overnight stop in Thenac, north of Bordeaux.

We move on to Mutriku, taking in a visit to Guernica, then Onati for a week, with a couple of side trips to Vitoria Gasteiz. We’ll also try out a Michelin starred restaurant (so unlike us) which is part of a Frank Gehry designed hotel and bodega, the  Marques De Riscal

Most of our last week will be spent in Bilbao, indeed, in the same hotel as last year, just because their breakfasts were so good. To break the journey home, we’re staying on the Ile de Re for two nights.

Stay tuned for our continuing adventures…

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