The culinary divide…

This won’t be a long blog, (I can hear the collective sighs of relief) as we are on the road home.

It was an overcast, rather chilly morning when we left San Sebastian. We had mixed feelings on leaving, the views from our room were impeccable, the hotel is quite patchy, some aspects are excellent, others less so. San Sebastian itself left us rather cold, to be fair, I can’t see us running back there in a hurry.

The satnav soon had us back on the autoroute and after less than an hour, we’d crossed back into France. To celebrate, I pulled into an autoroute aire and used it’s delightful stainless steel facilities. It was so good to be back somewhere I could at least make a guess at what the road signs said. There will be future blog about the unfathomable nature of the Basque language.

I’d intended to make a stop for fuel at St. Jean De Luz, as we did on the way down but missed the exit, so we carried on for a while until there was an aire with three essential things, somewhere to buy diesel, somewhere to buy food and somewhere to pee.

Our selection of snack food from Spain were gourmet crisps manufactured in Cordoba and bought in El Corte Ingles in Bilbao. In France I had a panini from a motorway shop. The man serving asked if I wanted it cold or hot. For the sake of rapidity I said cold. He then explained it could only be sold hot. It’s so good to be back in France…

So we’ve stopped for the night at a 16th century coaching inn in Fontenay Le Conte. Luckily we’re not bedding down with the horses but in a very clean and comfortable room over the stables. No, not really…The alarm is set for 7:30 in the morning and we hope to be back home in the early afternoon.



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