A cheap day return to Mordor please..

Ah, how much easier the ringbearers journey would have been had they used public transport….

Our own journey across the river was by contrast quite simple and uneventful. We met no Orcs or Nazgul though did have an encounter with an extra large spider..

Today we visited the Guggenheim and what a sublime experience it was, even better that it was a free admission day, though it seemed that most of Bilbao had decided to take advantage of it too. I must say it was one of the best gallery tours I’ve ever had. The modern art was always interesting, sometimes challenging and on occasion breathtaking. Its difficult to single anything out, though the pieces by Joana Vasconcelos were a special highlight. You’re lucky that I managed to sneak a photo or two before the guard told me off….

The whole Frank Gehry designed building is a work of art, inside and out. No more words on that, just images…

Just for this one museum, we have resolved to return to Bilbao…..

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