Bar Rees-Moggs here..

It’s been our last day in Seville and the sun shone from dawn to dusk. We were at a bit of a loose end but Susie came up with another place to visit. To get there we walked under the wooden mushrooms at Plaza Encarnation (nothing to do with evaporated milk). Just to one side I noticed some British film location trucks parked up. There were a host more in the middle of the plaza with a fence erected round them. I’m not sure what they were filming but it seemed to involve the church further up the street.

Anyway we were heading for the Palacio Marqueses de la Algaba, a restored building which houses a small museum with exhibits relating to Mudejar art. Though marked on the map it involved a lot of twisty, winding small streets, though we hadn’t seen any of this area before and each turn lead to a new discovery. The Palacio is small and quite hidden. You enter through two extra large ornate wooden doors. A small path leads to a beautiful ornamental courtyard with a central fountain. Upstairs there is a small two room exhibition displaying the work of Mudejar artisans, who were ‘subdued’ after the Christian conquest of Spain from the Moors. It was fascinating to see earthenware pots and tiles from as early as the 14th century and how intricate the workmanship was. The best part was that admission was free…

We found a streetside cafe which served Italian themed tapas under the lime trees lining the pavement. After lunch we made our way back to Plaza Encarnation, after getting a little lost and returned to the flat to pack.

This evening we went back to Bar Europa which was extra busy. A lovely French lady asked if she join us as she didn’t like to sit at the bar. We got along famously and Susie and Vivienne chatted for a full hour or more. Vivienne lives in Paris and we gave her one of our blog business cards before we said goodbye, her off to her hotel and us back to the apartment. So, here I am writing this with the alarm set for 7:15am on the phone. Our flight leaves just before noon and well, we have to fit in a last breakfast at Pan Y Piu before finding a taxi for the airport. Bilbao here we come…


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