Le Grand Bisto…aaahhh..

Another cloudy and wet start this morning as we trudged up to Pan Y Pui, trying to miss the puddles and not slip on the huge grate covers. We said goodbye to our waitress, Ana who we met last year and is becoming a close and warm friend. The weather didn’t really improve when we got back either so we made for Casa Pilatos. We’d looked round this lovely house last year and despite the rain and distinctly chilly temperature we enjoyed it just as much. I tried something different and concentrated on photographing close up details of the tiles and plaster relief work round the arches.

There was also interesting door furniture and heraldic themed tiles inset into the stone flags on the floor.

It was still raining by the time we’d found somewhere to have tapas, though the heavy clouds were drifting away when we got back to the apartment. We slept a bit and mooched about until this evening when we went back to Le Grand Bistro. It was another great meal and we enjoyed the service and chatting to the staff. I tried logging into their wifi and as usual attempted to guess what the password might be..It’s not ‘LeGrandBisto’ which I entered and got an ‘authentication error’ message.

We have no definitive plans for tomorrow. Susie has looked at the guide to Seville so something will be formulated in the morning. It will be our last full day here…



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