In for a penny, in for a kilo..

This morning we had quite a bit of time to kill. We had to be out of the apartment before noon, the train to Seville wasn’t till 13:30 and we thought we’d mooch around for an hour or so. The luggage was left at the apartment letting companies offices and we walked up to the far end of Cadiz and back, buying a thermos type of water bottle on the way. We do neglect to hydrate….

It was very hot when we made our way to the station. It turned out that our train was only stopping in Seville and was onward bound for Madrid. We had booked first class and the journey was very pleasant, though having to join a long queue, get your tickets checked, then walk halfway to Seville before getting on the train is less so..

About 90 minutes later we disembarked at Santa Justa, Sevilles main train station. I managed to get hold of our contact for the apartment here, we popped into a taxi and ten minutes later here we were. Our keyholder (and there are three sets of keys) arrived within five minutes, let us in and gave us a brief tour. Last year we had a place just a few metres down the road. It was nice but an old property and the noise from the road was uncomfortable during the night. This place is more modern, has double glazing and the most magnificent roof terrace…

We managed to get quickly sorted, despite a problem with the wifi, and after a short siesta headed off to a favourite tapas bar that we’d discovered last year, Bar Europa. Their tapas are a little different to the norm and we were bowled over by a salad, containing lambs lettuce, chopped almonds and raisins, orange blossom ice cream and an orange dressing. You’d have to have it to realise how delicious it was….

Strolling back we remembered how lovely Seville can be, warm nights, friendly people and well, it’s cozy..I think an early night is in order, tomorrow we reaquaint ourselves with breakfast at Pan Y Piu…

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