Poland V Germany..it may go down to penalties…

It’s really not a fair analogy, to compare our holiday in those two countries to a football match. But I think they are pretty close as destinations.

Obviously we spent more time in and travelled through Poland. We were more keen on Wroclaw than anywhere, Krakow can be seen in a relatively short time, as can Bydgodszcz, though both have areas of interest. Gdansk has more to see, though one can only ride on a pirate ship a finite number of times. We would go back and include other towns and historic sites, such as Malbork and Torun. Overall we loved the country, it’s people, it’s historic towns and sites and scenery. We would however avoid market stall pierogis and ‘house brick’ loaves of bread.

One place that everyone should see is Auschwitz – Birkenau. It contains images that I can’t eradicate from my memory, nor should I. But I wouldn’t, or more correctly, couldn’t go back.

Berlin is a vibrant, busy capital city. Yet it has a laid back feel to it. Though we saw most of the major sites, we felt that we’d only scratched the surface. It’s more cultural than the places we visited in Poland. There are renowned museums, galleries and concert halls. It’s also huge and requires fresh legs to enable better exploring.

Restaurants we thought were on about a par. We ate well in both countries but we try and avoid the more ‘tourist’ slanted places, (I have still to sample a curry wurst). Berlin has the edge as far as choice of which cuisine you’d like to try and I think caters to a younger demographic, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

If we planned to do it again (which we vaguely are) it would be in reverse, Berlin first, then Poland. We’d still travel by rail, as it was an excellent way to get around. So, there we are, I can’t really differentiate between the two countries…..see, I knew it would go to a replay..

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