Shipyards, Solidarity and the sea..

We began our morning by catching the Water Tram at Zabi Kruk. Just us and a loud, pushy group of Polish ramblers. Honestly, don’t people know we’re on holiday and that this is our last day in Poland?

Our intention was to visit Westerplatte, where the first hostile action of WWII (a naval bombardment) took place. We again passed through the inner harbour area and sailed on towards the shipyards and docks. The shipyards are of course, famous as the birthplace of Solidarity  firstly a union, which grew into a democratic movement and eventually a political party.

We pulled into the dock at Westerplatte and got off. We weren’t impressed. We thought of getting straight back on again. However, we pressed on towards the sea, past the inevitable food cabins and the ugly ferry port building till we reached the edge of the Baltic. There wasn’t a beach that we could find, in fact there was very little, the concrete sign, remains of bunkers and a communist era watchtower. We couldn’t find any T shirts to prove we’d been so after a quick trip to the most disgusting portaloo in Eastern Europe we were pleased to catch the tram on it’s return sailing. The group of Polish ramblers had disembarked apparently, though it was still quite full.

This almost brings our stay in Poland to a close. We are having an early dinner at 5pm then some final packing before a taxi to the station for a train to Berlin at 7:30 tomorrow morning……Auf Wiedersehen Gdansk…

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