G’Day Gdansk…

We had a last lingering look round Bydgoszcz on the morning before we left. It’s a bit of a Marmite town, we think you either love it or hate it. In the main we love it. The hotel was quirky, not least the back to front toilet in our bathroom (U bend at the front). A taxi collected us at the hotel and dropped us off at the station. The train journey was smooth and on time and we arrived in Gdansk. Another taxi and we were here, in a newish development of apartments. It was now that things began to go a bit wrong…

There was supposed to be someone here to meet us and of course there wasn’t. The security guard was good enough to ring the apartment owner for us and we were asked to wait 5 to 10 minutes for a ‘representative’ to appear. While we were waiting, a German family decamped from a taxi, checked with security and waited along with us. About 5 minutes later a girl in a track suit appeared, ear glued to phone. Susie asked if she was for us, but she looked at our print outs and said no. She did take the German family along to their apartment and still we waited. 30 minutes from arrival had passed and the girl reappeared. Took another look at our details, decided she was in fact there to meet us and led us off to an apartment.

I say ‘an apartment’ as when we walked along and took the lift I was under the impression we had booked a ground floor flat. Anyway, after a light speed flat tour she left the key, showed us a framed A4 paper which was our ‘bible’ and went out of the door quicker than a galloping ostrich. I checked our booking online and it was obvious we were in an apartment that wasn’t the one we’d paid for. In fact I could see the correct flat from the balcony of this. I emailed the apartment owner, who replied saying that he’d checked and we were in fact at the correct flat.

Come this morning, we popped along to a local cafe for breakfast and strolled into Gdansk proper. I managed to log onto the city wifi and what a surprise, an email apologising for being given the wrong flat and offering to move us. At that point we were toying with the idea of taking a ride on Gdansk’s answer to the ‘London Eye’ so we decided things could wait.

Gdansk is a really pretty place, lovely houses and an interesting harbour area. There’s an awful lot of housing and office development going on, so at times it’s like walking through a building site but overall we liked what we saw. Before long we decided a calorie intake was indicated and we found Prologue which is right by the harbour.

Well, what a find. Super friendly staff, great atmosphere but what food!! The chef was a sous chef at the Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal’s place in the UK and his love of food and attention to detail shone through. We ordered ‘fish and chips’ which were WOW. Then the desserts!! I’ve never tasted such an intense chocolate fondant. Amazing!! We loved it so much, we’ve booked a table for Sunday evening..

We wandered back up towards the flat, again picking our way through men laying cables, digging holes and filling them in. As soon as we got in, I replied to the email from earlier. The resolution of which was that we’ll stay here but accept a refund of the rental difference between the flats.

Tomorrow, we may ride the wheel and take a boat trip…who knows..

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