You mean there’s more than seven?

This morning, after having  a better than average buffet breakfast, we made a beeline for the tourist office to obtain a ‘dwarf map’. There are over 350 spread all over the city, though the map covers just the city centre and lists 100.

Started by the Orange Alternative, a Polish anti communist movement in 2001, they became a tradition. There’s even a Dwarfs Festival every September. You can download a dwarf app for your phone and go dwarf spotting, should you have nothing better to do or you have young children you wish to aimlessly amuse for a day. We saw several children ‘spotting’ today and ticking them off their lists, whereas we were content to come across one in a haphazard way.

It can detract from your sightseeing, as you wander round, head scanning the pavement, rather than taking in the delightful buildings Wroclaw has in it’s main square. We found ourselves outside Mama Manouch again, so popped in for a lunch time snack. We made our way back to the hotel, stopping briefly to inspect any dwarf we came across.

The rest of the afternoon I spent writing up the delayed blogs and looking for a suitable restaurant for this evening. We strolled round to Jadka which was excellent. Interesting dishes, well seasoned and cooked. Their courses were an updated version of traditional Polish cuisine. Service was very good and thorough. We went for four courses which was perhaps a mistake when we found out how large the portions were. Above all it’s incredible value for money considering the level of cuisine on offer.

Earlier when we left for dinner, outside the hotel, two large coaches were disgorging suitcase weilding German tourists. We decided then to set our alarm for 7am for the breakfast buffet as we are leaving on a train tomorrow and would quite like to find some food left. I don’t wish to stereotype but I have an urge to sneak down to the dining room and see if there are any beach towels draped over the tables and chairs….

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