On the wroad to Wroclaw…

Saturday didn’t start well. It began to rain heavily, our lovely breakfast cafe had a non functioning credit card machine, so we had to go back out in the rain to find a cash point….worst of all they couldn’t do french toast. Honestly it was just one disaster after another…

Jarek and Iwona were kind enough to give us a lift to Wroclaw. It was a lot further than I’d envisaged and although most of the drive was on Polish autoroutes we still had to stop for a ‘comfort’ break and took the opportunity to have coffee and eat some of Iwona’s yummy chocolate cakes. There was also an almost apocalyptic event, Susie drank coffee in a McDonalds….it could be the end of the world.

As you can see we arrived safely. Our first stop was at Mama Manousch where the food was delicious and the staff, friendly and helpful. We had a quick wander around the main square and fell in love with the town, which reminds us slightly of Prague. It’s a bit touristy but not overly so. Our friends dropped us off at our hotel and we said our sad goodbyes.

We booked in and the porter helped us with our cases, into the glass lift and showed us our room. It’s quite spacious although our view is of the rear of the hotel. By the time we settled in we were feeling hungry again and wandering down the road from the hotel we were offered lots of opportunities to dine on Polish specialities. So what did we do? Found an Indian restaurant… Mango Mama has authentic cuisine, fast service and friendly staff. We loved our satay chicken and would think of returning on our next visit to Wroclaw.

Tomorrow we go dwarf hunting…


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