Breakfast in the window…

I have an apology and a confession. I’ve been very remiss in not reporting our culinary adventures lately. Also, despite the title, the photo above depicts an afternoon snack, not breakfast.

A couple of days ago, we discovered a little gem of a place, Cytat Cafe where we’ve had breakfast (French toast, scrambled eggs, coffee, juices) perched at a table on the first floor, looking over the street. We’ve even had our pictures taken by tourists. It’s just wonderful. Cytat means quote, and with your meal you get little quotations by famous people on slips of paper. Sort of ‘thought for the day’.

On the whole, I don’t think Cracow is overburdened with Michelin starred restaurants, more the ‘menu in pictures’ type. It just means you have to ‘work’ (i.e. eat) that bit harder to find better cuisine.

Despairing slightly, last night we tried the unpronouncable Introligatornia Smaku which exceeded our expectations. Lovely courses, well prepared with interesting tastes and textures. They do a pierogi with cod and leek in a flaky pastry parcel which is heavenly.

It must be good, as we’re going again tonight….

We’ve found other places, even having half way decent fish and chips in one. I’m sure a return trip to Cracow is in order at some point, though maybe just for two or three days. Oh, what it is to be an explorer, not just a tourist…

One thought on “Breakfast in the window…

  1. margaret21

    Oh, silly me. This was our ‘go to’ place too. Great for relaxing in homely surroundings when the pressures of being a traveller just became too much. We were staying very nearby. We swapped books there too. Very handy to have a source of fresh reading matter when away from home.


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