Feeling flush? Now you can twin your toilet…

After yesterdays party excesses we felt the need for some ‘us’ time today. It was also our last full day in Durham so why not treat ourselves to lunch at one of our favourite spots, Cafedral.

After a short stroll to view the cathedral itself, we arrived at the cafe. A table had been reserved earlier in the week and the instant we walked in we felt at home. It helps that the cafe is set out like a living room but that only adds to the warm, welcoming atmosphere. We loved our salads and paninis and the scones and cake that followed. After paying, we both felt the need to utilise the ‘smallest room’, which is appropriately just that, and up another flight of stairs.

Cafedral supports toilet twinning not as you might imagine side by side urinals but an organisation which helps communities in poverty to access a proper latrine and clean water. Theres a donation box in the form of a loo with a ‘penny in the slot’ instead of a pan. For every £30 donated by their customers, Cafedral put in the same amount and your loo is ‘twinned’ with one in a remote area. I didn’t count but there must be over a dozen certificates on the wall of their bathroom. I think it’s a brilliant idea and one well worth supporting.

Our other plan for the afternoon was to visit the botanic garden which time had not allowed us to do the other day. It’s delightful and thoughtfully set out, if perhaps not at it’s best this time of year. There are interesting sculptures, several areas themed to different countries and a couple of glasshouses, with cacti and tropical plants. Though Durham isn’t a large city by any stretch of the imagination, the gardens provide a small oasis of calm away from the bustle of shoppers and students.

So, tomorrow we fly off to Poland on the next leg of our travels. Though Durham is dear to my heart, I hope Poland is warmer and sunnier……


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