How to pickle a parson…

On Sunday we undertook a ‘recce’ trip to the venue for Mum’s party, the Pickled Parson at Sedgefield for lunch. It’s honestly, a lovely warm welcoming place, with great food and friendly, helpful staff. The portions were huge and we rather lingered over our meal so that we could get up from our table with the minimum of effort. Oh yes, the origin of the name….

A local clergyman passed away and his wife preserved him in salt, so that the local tithes could be collected by her, rather than going to the bishop. His death was announced at a more ‘convenient’ date…

We’ve struggled this weekend, through non functioning phone lines, my Mum’s oxygen compressor which stopped working on Saturday night, a flash flood that inundated the car park outside this bungalow, leaking solar panels which supply the hot water and an overheated living room (26 degrees C) thanks to the compressor. Nevertheless, most problems have been resolved (except for the greenhouse front room) by today.

Susie and I decided to escape into Durham for a couple of hours, using the park and ride. I needed to call in the bank and Susie wanted to exchange some old notes and £ coins..who knew they weren’t accepted any more??


It did offer us the opportunity to call into Bells for ‘proper fish and chips’ again. We also love the Fentimans soft drinks they offer, traditional lemonade, shandy and dandelion and burdock. I can remember having Fentimans delivered to our door when I was about seven or eight. Before any of you ask, it was by lorry, not horse and cart…

Weather permitting we are visiting Alnwick Castle Gardens tomorrow…… of which more anon..

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