Do I really look that old??

So we begin the summer sojurn..taking in three countries, the UK, Poland and Germany. I suppose you could stretch that country list to four as we landed in Scotland and drove to England but anyway….

We flew from Nantes to Edinburgh. Nantes Airport isn’t very large and I struggled to find many redeeming features. When we landed in Edinburgh a couple of hours later it became more apparent that Nantes has at least something going for it….

Edingburgh Airport isn’t bad, it’s just a bit bland and spiritless. We had a hire car to collect, which involved a long trek to the furthest flung part of the airfield, then a drive along the bypass (with a short and unintended diversion) till we picked up the A8 for Jedburgh. We stopped for dinner in Lauder at the Firebrick Brasserie which was lovely. Fresh ingredients, well prepared and with charming staff.

There was only about an hour of daylight left when we drove out of Lauder and night had almost fallen by the time we crossed over the border at Carter Bar. Luckily there were no customs checks as we transited countries, haggis hunting season has long passed and smuggling the wee beasts is no longer as profitable as it once was.

We didn’t get to my Mum’s until just after midnight and over a cup of tea, we sat at the kitchen table while she opened her 90th birthday cards. Lunchtime on Saturday saw us in Bells Fish restaurant to celebrate her special day. What better way than with cod and chips? The staff knew it was her birthday and they presented her with a small cupcake complete with lit candle and the whole restaurant joined in with a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’.

Mum was in her wheelchair and as I was negotiating the way out, a lady from the table next to us asked if my Mum was my sister. Either my Mum looks young for her age or life has been unduly cruel to me…

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