Not quite what the doctor ordered…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Amongst other things we’ve (the royal we that is) had eye training, tried a new restaurant, been to the doctors and fitted in three birthday celebrations.

The eye training is carried out in St.Hilaire. It isn’t possible to leave your eyes to be trained so Susie has to undertake supervised eye exercises. As far as I know her left eye has yet to run round the block or achieve 10 sit ups but the right one might be coming up to Olympic standard soon…

Susie’s doctor is located in Bourgneuf Le Foret, a 40 minute drive away. He was the closest ‘medecin’ who prescribed homeopathic remedies..His consulting rooms are conveniently located between a driving school and a hairdressers. Susie talks to him about his dogs and other non medical things…ocassionally she asks about her blood sugar levels.

Because the doctors appointment was around 11am….well you know we can’t go out without having lunch so we decided to try somewhere new. Our route home conveniently takes us through Ernee where we found The Living Room. It’s a lovely place, run by a friendly, charming Anglo/French couple. The food was delicious and innovative, well presented and seasoned. We liked the restaurant so much we’ve been back…. One for our list…

We celebrated Susie’s (age redacted) birthday three times this year. I took her to dinner at Toque Aux Vins, the evening before. The day after, we went for a special lunch at L’Aromate with our friends Owen and Margaret, which included one of those indoor Roman candles…I passed on that, preferring a chocolate pudding. Then the following day we had Sunday lunch at L’Abbaye where the hosts, Pete and Trudi presented Susie with a bunch of flowers. All the meals were excellent, a fitting way for two foodies with expanding girth problems to celebrate a special occasion.

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