Things we learnt from our holidays…

Now that we’ve got back into the hectic lifestyle here at home, I thought it might be nice to write a few reflective lines about the three weeks we spent away…

  • Driving in Spain is just as hairy as in France, especially if a car decides to overtake you and the bus in front on a blind cliffside hairpin..
  • Girona Airport is easy to park at and easy to catch a coach from.
  • Barcelona is probably one of the great cities of the world…unless you live there of course, in which case, you’ll possibly hate it.
  • When ordering a burger (even if the menu says it’s ‘gourmet’) be aware it’s supposed to be cooked all the way through.
  • Because of my reckless disregard of the above, I became intimately familiar with the inner workings of Barcelona’s sewage system.
  • There are still hidden gems to discover in Barcelona.
  • It’s not always warm and sunny in Spain.
  • It sometimes rains there….heavily.
  • If you can pack an umbrella and a waterproof, you should.
  • Girona’s population doubles during the Flower Festival.
  • They all set their morning alarm for the same time.
  • You can get pancakes, with cream, bananas and maple syrup for breakfast.
  • Your sat nav can be annoying…..really, really annoying.
  • Restaurants catering to tourists are similarly poor in Spain and France.
  • Bass notes from modern dance music can defeat the best ear plugs and rattle heavy wooden shutters.
  • We can model Kimono and not fall over.
  • 950km is really too far to drive in one day.

Would we do it again? Of course…

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