The even longer but slightly less boring road…

Our debut as catwalk fashion models was moderately successful. Well, at least we didn’t trip up or fall into the laps of the not inconsiderable audience. I’m certain that kimonos in Gruissan have never been modeled so well. Equally I’m also fairly certain that kimonos haven’t been modeled in Gruissan at all. However, all who attended had a great time and we enjoyed a communal meal together after the show.

A highlight of our stay in Gruissan were two meals at Aux Deux Oliviers Well constructed, cooked and presented food, with outstanding service.

We left Gruissan a little dissapointed. It’s a pleasant place but seems to be used by the beach visitors as a ‘watering hole’. Our view was also tainted by the fete that went on at length, well into the next morning. On our last night, I had to resort to wax ear plugs, which the chemist insisted I didn’t push too in far, in case the wax couldn’t be removed. Luckily I found it tended to fall out of my ear, so no worry about the need for A&E, but the loud bass beats just near to our window got through. In fact they rattled the shutters…

Sunday morning, we set off for home, a not inconsiderable drive of 950km, which I insisted I could do without Susie’s help. We took the route which allowed us to cross the Millau Viaduct, a stunning sight, no matter how many times you do it. We stopped for lunch at a Courtpaille just south of Clermont Ferrand and rolled up at the house just after 9pm. I wouldn’t recommend undertaking such a long drive, especially as it becomes quite boring after you crest the Massif Central. Next time…yes, of course there’s a next time…we’re breaking the journey home.

So, that’s the end of our Spanish, French, kimono modelling adventure. I wonder if they sell kimono in Gdansk?…Guess we’ll find out later on this year…

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