El Grumpo (2), Casa Dali and the singing waiter…

Some of my long standing readers may remember El Grumpo, the bad tempered waiter we met in Seville. Today we met his northern brother….

Hotel breakfasts are not as a rule taxing work for either guests or staff. This hotel doesn’t break that rule. It provides a buffet of hot and cold drinks and food. It’s not particularly nourishing or gastronomically spectacular, it is what it is. We needed a fairly early start this morning and trotted along the corridor just after 7:30am and called the lift. It arrived complete with a waiter, a trolley and some dirty plates. He wished us a surly ‘hola’, let the doors close and dissappeared. No apology or offer to vacate the lift and let us use it. We called the lift again and took the now empty one to the 1st floor and the buffet.

We were first in and had to work out how to use the coffee machine. The Catalan El Grumpo appeared and asked for our room number so he could ensure we were charged for breakfast. Susie asked for water and he did his best ‘Basil Fawlty’ exasperated sigh and pointed towards the orange juice. Susie was still perplexed and he had to show her where they had hidden bottles of water behind the juice. He cleared tables after diners but never smiled. I’m sure he is poorly paid and works unsocial hours, however he could take lessons from a fellow service worker we met later…

Much of our day was taken up with a drive to Port Lligat and a tour of Salvador Dali’s home. The house was enlarged by knocking together several fishermens cottages. It probably goes without saying that it’s a bit wacky. Although really interesting and providing an insight into Dali’s home life, I felt as though I was intruding. The exterior is beautiful and the swimming pool stunning in it’s quirkiness.

Leaving Port Lligat, we decided to pass on a visit to Cadaques because of the parking problems and came back to the hotel. Thanks to the sat nav we also had an extensive tour of the network of one way streets that makes up Figueres but we made it in the end.

Needing a quick lunch, we returned to the lovely place where we had the patatas bravas and squid rings. Our waiter was the same as yesterday and he also sang. He sang when he laid out the cutlery, he sang serving our food and always with a smile on his face. Oh how we could do with him at the hotel…..



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