The rain in Spain falls mainly on Girona..

So here we are, our last evening in Girona, lucky not to be suffering with hypothermia or washed away down the river. Actually we’re nowhere near to those events, however it’s felt like it. Not only has it been wet but unseasonably cold too. That hasn’t dampened the ardour of the flower fans though. We did notice a slight fall in numbers yesterday but today there was a steady flow of people up and down the street outside.

To escape the throngs yesterday, we headed over to the cinema museum. We’d been last year and enjoyed it’s interactive exhibits so much, we decided to return. Nothing to do with the cold wet weather….well maybe a little. (Anyone detecting a meteorological related theme here?)

Today, we got round a lot of the floral exhibits. It involved much walking up and down steps but we did feel a sense of achievment. The displays in the ‘call’ or Jewish quarter were particularly good…

We stopped for ice cream again (even queueing for 20 minutes in the rain), just so I could have a candy floss topping. We went to La Poma last night and it was just as good as last year, plus I got to try a liquorice liqueur. Hmm…very sweet and potent and not something I’d drink every night. Tonight we dined again at Nu, met a lovely young couple from Colorado (see, you got a mention) and Susie had a delicious deconstructed cheescake and ate it all herself. Two of the waitresses asked if we were coming again next year, to which we said yes, of course. I’m not sure if they noted down my reservation for a table for two at 20:30 in 2019 but I’m sure we have plenty of time to confirm…

So tomorrow, two portly figures will be wheeling their suitcases along the cobbles, over the bridge and heading for the taxi rank. Onwards (but not upwards) to the airport, collect the car and a short drive to Figueres…….

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