And today was deja vu Prague…

The Festival Del Flores began this morning. Just before 10am the street outside our apartment began filling up, then overflowed. Tourists are the lifeblood of many towns like this, it’s true but I felt like this was a bit overwhelming. Not quite up to the can’t move stage but near the cathedral, where the street narrows, there was a definite bottleneck, filled with walking tours and selfie sticks. It reminded me of the horror that is the Charles Bridge…

There were queues to get into the exhibits….long queues…of Disney proportions. We managed to see some of the displays, albeit from further away and decided after a lot of pushing and shoving we’d leave most of our flower sightseeing till Monday. We crawled our way back to the apartment and lay recovering on the sofa, to the sounds of muttered Spanish curses from the street below.

We had a reservation in the evening at Divinum, where we’d dined last year. It was every bit as good as we remembered and the service friendly and talkative which we like. When we left, the heavens had opened and trying to unsuccessfully share an umbrella we got home as quickly as a 10 course tasting menu would allow….

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