An old friend at Nu and a reel Catalan…

Arriving in Girona by coach seemed very familiar, even the featureless black cavern that is the bus station arrivals hall. However, we were soon out into the combined train and bus station, finding a taxi and subsequently putting our feet up in the same apartment as last year, in the centre of the old Jewish quarter or ‘call’.

After sorting out a few things, we set off for Nu which we’d been to last year. It’s a quite modern fusion restaurant with a slight twist. We were seated then the waitress came to take our drinks order and said it was nice to see us again. Yes, she’d remembered us, after 12 months!! It set the whole evening off really well and we decided to go with the gourmet menu to celebrate…..Actually I think we go with the gourmet menu in most places….

I think my favourite was the steamed dumpling with a Yuzu centre (the one in the glass dish) but then I am a dessert sort of guy….

We left about 10:30, quite full and really happy. Very inventive and well prepared food with impeccable service. We’re booked in again on Monday evening. We turned the corner to come back and I noticed some figures in the plaza who appeared to be dancing. We went down to investigate and yes, indeed several people were dancing in a large circle to haunting singing and the playing of Catalan folk music. They finished shortly after we arrived, but an English lady heard us talking (we Brits get everywhere) and she explained that the group usually danced in the plaza each Thursday till about 11pm. The musicians are drawn from local players and college teachers. We wished we’d arrived earlier but wandered home happily with Catalan tunes echoing in our ears…..


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