Barcelona burger belly…nicht Gut

Day 7 in Barcelona. The guy on the ground floor has had a delivery of gopher wood and has bought ‘Ark Building For Dummies’. Yet, just at the moment Susie is sat on our terrace sunbathing, very decorously I might add…

So back to yesterday’s meanderings. We walked down to Diagonal and did some shopping in a Bio Supermarket, then came back here to get ready to meet up with Hermann and Monica. They are the young Spanish couple who we took for lunch last year after Hermann was a helpxer for us. We’d picked a restaurant called ‘Gut’. It seemed really nice from the website and the reviews I’d read and we met up at 13:00.

The shared starters were lovely and indeed the other three main courses that were chosen too. However, I’d picked a specialist burger with wedges. When it came it was cooked on the outside but only luke warm inside. No doubt it hadn’t been defrosted properly. I know, I should have sent it back…’s ok I paid for my bad choice later..

They came back to the apartment for an hour or so, as we’d bought them a small flatwarming gift. We chatted but I was becoming really restless. Suffice to say I was in and out of the bathroom for the next five hours…It was worse than the first time I got really drunk, an occasion that’s indelibly marked on my memory.

Anyway, the clouds have lifted, I’ve slept about twelve hours on and off and we’ll be going to Spoonik tonight for 21:30…I don’t know if it’s wise but then I am a glutton for punishment…

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