A cable car to the castle…

There was a purpose in our stride this morning, as we stepped on the metro towards Para – Lell. We were off to Montjuic, Barcelona’s castle and hoped to include a look round the Joan Miro Foundation and the Olympic Stadium too. Well, two out of three isn’t bad…

From the metro you transfer to a funicular which takes you halfway up the hill towards the castle. Alighting the funicular there’s a short walk to the cable car which drops you off (not literally) at the castle. Inside the cable car ticket office, there was a large back drop of a Barcelona panorama, where you could stand and have your picture taken. Strange, as you could walk for two minutes and see the actual view…

The cable car is an experience not to be missed, though it’s a bit unnerving if you are the only occupants and both sit at one side of the car, when it will sway a little. I knew there’d be a disadvantage to all those extravagant tasting menus we’ve been putting away.

It began raining just after we got out of the cable car, so after a short look at the castle and a peek at the ferry and container port far below, we slid back down the hill in our little greenhouse on a wire. A short walk from the funicular terminus is the Joan (John) Miro Foundation, which houses a collection of his art. I found it difficult to attune to, even though I do like modern art. I read a quote from Miro in which he said he wanted to ‘assassinate art’. I think he succeded…

We had a quick lunch in the foundation’s cafeteria and came back, sadly having to miss out the Olympic Stadium. There’s always next time. Tonight we went along to Teoric, a gastro tapas bar. Lovely food and chatty, friendly service. We had eight shared tapas, then cheeses for Susie and a apple and ice cream dessert for me. All very reasonably priced as well. We’ve marked it down for a return visit next year, always supposing our stomachs don’t explode before then….

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