Old bull rings and new restaurants…

There was a big shiny thing in the sky this morning when we woke up….yes, the sun has finally appeared properly. Lifted by this sight we made our way to the Metro where we managed to extract four ‘Hola BCN’ travel cards from the ticket machine (covering five days each). Using these we rattled along to Placa Espanya where we took the lift to the top of the old bull ring, which you can now walk around and take in the impressive views. Built into the interior of the building is a less impressive 12 screen cinema and shopping centre. However, it is worth a look.

Using our new travel cards again, we made our way to the Gothic Quarter and called in on Ruben, who we first met a couple of years ago. Ruben owns “It Reminds Me Of Something” which has featured in this blog : Markets, Marilyn and Susie goes shopping We’ve had our eye on a particular piece of stunning art and today we ‘reserved’ it. We spent almost an hour chatting and we’ll meet up again before we leave.

This evening we tried a new restaurant, X P which is owned by Xavier Pellicer, who used to be head chef at Celeri. We were warmly greeted by the man himself and welcomed into what is a quite industrial themed restaurant, as our table moved on wheels along rails. The food was simply outstanding. Every dish had a wow factor, using the freshest, organic ingredients. Absolutely stunning…


We had a short conversation with Xavier just before we left and made sure that he knew how much we’d enjoyed the meal and that we’d be back again.

I’m not too sure of our plans tomorrow, let’s just hope the sun is shining, it’s a little warmer and that our stomachs have recovered….

2 thoughts on “Old bull rings and new restaurants…

    • Pete Fitzgerald

      You’re not wrong Margaret, we haven’t visited it. However our plans have changed a couple of times this week (including today) so we may well get there early next week…..I’ll just check to see if there are gourmet restaurants in the vicinity…


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