We had to put the heating on…

I don’t like being awoken early. Normally it’s by a restless dog, jumping on the bed and trying to dislocate your ankle but this morning we had thunder, lightning and heavy rain at 6am.

The storm went away but the precipitation continued the rest of the morning, when the clouds rolled away leaving blue skies and bright sunshine. We had lunch, a shop bought lasagne the size and consistency of a brick door stop. Feeling the need to walk off such a culinary delight we strolled across Diagonal and checked out where our restaurant was located for tomorrow evening. The enthusiastic gourmet always finds the shortest route between home and stomach.

Better weather had brought out the tourists and we sat on a bench, idling away the rest of the afternoon, people watching and wondering how many walking tours following guides with pennants on sticks we would see.

We wandered back to the apartment and after a short snooze got ready for ‘Con Gracia’ which is barely a ten minute walk away. We’d been to this restaurant last year and again it didn’t dissapoint us. This time we took the ‘surprise’ tasting menu, which is the chefs choice. Course after course of wonderful tastes and textures, with warm, friendly efficient service as well.

We hope for better (warmer) weather tomorrow, there’s more exploring to do!!

One thought on “We had to put the heating on…

  1. margaret21

    It’s hard to generate much sympathy for your rude awakening when we get up to a coating of frost on the lawn, or today, rain (and you know what we used to tell the rain to do when we were children 😉 ). Continue to have great adventures!


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