Breakfast TV….sans croissant..

Some of you may recognize the above image as an example of the beloved ‘full English’. Not something we normally eat or indeed go to a cafe for. So why is it featured and what has it to do with TV? I’ll explain….

Recently one of the local papers ran a feature on British run businesses in Gorron, including our butcher, Elliotts and Cafe Gourmand which is our regular pre weekly shopping lunch spot. A French national TV channel M6, picked up the article and arranged with both to come and film this morning. The cafe was first up and the ‘crew’ was due at 9:30am. We were messaged the evening before and asked if we’d like to come in at that time for breakfast and a chance to appear on camera. Naturally being shy, retiring, wallflowers we jumped at the chance…

The film crew were already there when we arrived….a crew of one that is. Claire, a charming youg lady was camera operator, sound recorder and reporter. She chatted briefly to Susie and arranged an on camera interview over breakfast. Not with myself you’ll notice. It may have been Susie’s carefully applied lipstick that swayed Claire or her advanced language skills. Either way, the hours I spent with hair rollers in were totally wasted…

Oh, why a breakfast interview? It appears this wasn’t a piece about the English takeover of Gorron’s commercial centre or how well they integrate with the French. No, they were far more interested in our ‘full English’ and why we ate such a large, fried meal at the start of the day. Well, Claire certainly got her moneys worth from Susie, who was on fine form. I, of course remained mute…

By 10:30, Claire had moved on to the butchers and the dozen or so fellow breakfasteers were sitting round chatting….All in all, a very British occasion…

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