A horse sized cat flap and the IKEA maze..

Not long ago two new cat flaps were purchased, as the doors on the existing ones no longer ‘flapped’ but laid on the floor. I fitted them, one on the exterior door to the utility room (which is steel) and the other to the other internal door into the inner hall. This door is of the old fashioned flush design, a sandwich of corrugated card, faced with a sheet of hardboard on either side.

Both flaps worked well until we returned from an afternoon out and found the inner one somewhat the worse for wear and the hole in the flush door looking as if it had been attacked by a beaver family intent on finding material for it’s new lodge. Beavers not being native to this area of France our suspicions turned to the smaller of our dogs, Toto.

These were confirmed when the other cat flap was pulled apart in a similar manner and we found Toto cheerfully running round outside when we drove up a few days later. I replaced the internal flap (repairing the door as best I could) but it suffered a similar canine attack shortly afterwards. Now Toto isn’t a destructive dog but obviously had a need to exit the house while we were out. So instead of trying to keep him in, I thought it would be easier (and cheaper) to invest in a larger flap so he could come and go more easily.

I looked on line and found a suitably sized flap on that site named after a race of warrior women. In the Q and A’s someone asked if the extra large one would be suitable for a small horse. Two things crossed my mind : why would one keep a small horse in the house and supposing you did, is it reasonable to expect it to use the flap when it needed to do…..things?

Anyway one flap is fitted and I’ll have to attack the steel door with an angle grinder to fit the other one….and no, we’re not getting a horse and house training it…

We’ve recently moved our washing machine next to the new downstairs bathroom, leaving a hole in the fitted kitchen which it used to occupy.  To fill this void an executive decision was made to visit IKEA in Rennes for a unit of drawers to take it’s place. I’m sure there are people who love Swedish flat pack furniture with an undiluted passion. I’m not one of them…

It’s not so much the product but the dreadful pilgrimage through mocked up bedrooms, kitchens and office spaces, locating someone who can fulfill your order on paper and then steering hopefully towards the check out. We tried two signed short cuts but ended up back in kitchens each time. I swear I saw a man with glazed eyes and a month old growth of beard wandering aimlessly in search of a way out. We persevered though and retrieved our flat pack components from aisles 20, 24, 32 and 46 and lined up to pay with all the other weary shoppers…

Our quest sadly doesn’t end there..the drawer facades are out of stock and we have to go through the experience again in a fortnight…if you don’t hear from us for some time, you may well find us somewhere between ‘Tingsryd’ and ‘Uddevalla’ clutching a half eaten pack of smoked salmon and a bag of greasy meatballs…

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