Seville and Cordoba, how to get lost…

It’s the best way, honestly. As long as you have a map, so you can find your way back. We found it delightful to look down a street, follow it and then be rewarded at the end by a magnificent building or open square, ringed with tapas bars.

There are many things we have yet to see in both cities. Probably more so in Seville, being the larger city. We didn’t have time to see the cathedral or the Alcazar there, though the endless lines of tourists probably dissuaded us from least this time round. We know there are many other places to try tapas. Even our stomachs couldn’t expand to sampling all of them..

Cordoba is smaller and we saw the Mezquita and the Alcazar but there are other hidden gems we feel the need to discover.  In both cases the popular areas are easily walkable, even for an someone with a stick and her companion, carrying the burden of his lunch time beer. We have many highlights from our trip, but for me the paella cooking course stands out. It’s an experience we’d readily repeat…..and more than likely will.

One thought on “Seville and Cordoba, how to get lost…

  1. margaret21

    I agree that getting lost, intentionally and unintentionally, was quite the best way of getting to grips with Seville. Cordoba is a great for another time. So glad you enjoyed yourselves x


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