Playing the googly…

For my American (or indeed non sporting) readers the ‘googly’ is a term from cricket, similar to a ‘curve’ ball in baseball. This hard to play delivery was thrown, or bowled, or pitched to us when we returned to Seville from Cordoba on our last day.

The coach journey back to Seville was uneventful, even pleasant. The coach had wifi broadband and I luxuriated in being able to follow our progress on Google maps. We passed some previously unseen graffiti of a senora plus brolly before pulling into to bus station. We found a left luggage locker and stored our suitcase and, as we had quite a bit of time before we needed to be at the airport, we intended to have lunch..what else?

Jessica, who ran the paella cooking course had said we should try La Brunilda, a fairly short walk from the bus station. Sadly they were full and closing their kitchens in thirty minutes, but the helpful waitress suggested we try their sister restaurant Bartolomea, a couple of streets away. Luckily we managed to find a table at the rear and order a few tapas. Wow!! What a revelation. Beautifully cooked and presented food and friendly service in a great atmosphere. We’d been sat next to a Spanish couple when the lady asked Susie if we were American. We corrected her and struck up a lively conversation with them both as their level of English was pretty good. Soon we were chatting like old friends and even being shown family photos. We were totally bowled over when told us that they took their family holidays in Dorset!! It was a charming way to end our stay in Spain.

We caught a taxi to the airport and endured an uncomfortable and crowded wait to board our plane. Though luckily Susie’s stick got us first down the ramp on in our seats. Our flight landed at the entirely unreasonable time of 22:50 and after claiming our luggage, catching the shuttle to the Orly Hilton, checking in and getting to our room (no wait, we got a free upgrade to a suite) it was well after midnight.

The next morning was grey and overcast with a huge temperature drop from Seville. We suffered the expensive and largely inedible breakfast buffet and were pleased to get on the road. Three hours or so later we were home…

Would we go back to Seville and Cordoba? Yes, like a flash…Why?…well, I’ll cover that in the next blog..

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