Wandering round casas…..

Which is all we did today. It’s our last full day in Seville and it’s been hotter than previously. Our intention was to try to get in to the Alcazar but neither of us felt like standing in a line and risking heatstroke so plan B was worked out…

There is a Seville walking route which takes you round five Casas Palacio . We’d seen two yesterday and whilst we couldn’t fit in all of the other three we were determined to visit two of them.

Walking north we headed for Las Duenas, in which gardens feature strongly. It’s truly beautiful, if a little museum like…

After seeing Las Duenas, we stopped off it the Japanese restaurant we found yesterday for a light sushi lunch and walked south, past our apartment to Casa de Salinas. We found the gate locked but could see a digital timer counting down the 14 minutes to the next guided tour. The beep went off and sure enough someone did turn up. I was disappointed she didn’t go and take something out of the oven but instead took our money and gave us a personal tour of the house. Salinas is still occupied by the owners and their family. In fact there was going to be a family wedding there this coming weekend.

More compact than the others and without a garden the tour didn’t last long. It was however fascinating.

Wilting a little we came back to the apartment and got ready to meet two friends of Susies, Paulo and Dominic. They’d flown into Seville that afternoon for a weekend break and we were to meet them for dinner at their hotel. We passed a lovely evening together and they were good enough to walk part of the way back to our apartment with us, just so they could get lost too…

Off we go to Cordoba tomorrow, catching the coach at 12:30…..I hope the next place is a bit quieter…


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