Visiting the Condesa’s palace…

Today we found a little gem. Not one you can wear or even a midget one you can chew but a gem of a house. The Casa Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija will not be on every tourists must see list in Seville. We think it should be..

Originally built in the 16th century and remodelled in the 19th, it was bought by the Countess of Lebrija, Dona Regla Manjon y Mergelina in 1901 and she spent the next 13 years reconstructing it in her own unique style. She bought original Roman mosaics from private collections and decorated the house with Roman, Greek and Persian statues, Louis XVI furniture and 17th century ceramic tiles. To some it may seem a little ‘wacky’ to mix all these things together but it seems to work and the house is deeply etched with her character.

We trundled on after leaving the house, slightly stunned by it and found ourselves by some tables set outside a restaurant. Ah, beer stop I thought, so we did.

Our next objective was the Alameda De Hercules a long thin open space framed by two tall Roman columns. Impressive they are but today, somewhat spoilt by the setting up of a fun fair for tomorrow, Spain’s National Day.

We headed back home, via the wooden mushrooms and found a great Japanese restaurant where we had a light sushi lunch..(no beer, I know my limit). We’ve had a small siesta and there are actual clouds in the sky. We’re off to El Traga again tonight. Can our stomachs stand such strain? You’ll find out tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Visiting the Condesa’s palace…

  1. margaret21

    We stayed just off the Alameda de Hercules and loved it. The thing that made it especially worthwhile was the book cafe – can’t remember its name – on the right hand side walking away from town. Recuperate from being travellers by browsing for as long as you want among all the books in all kinds of languages – brilliant breakfast, coffee and cakes too. Quirky and fun.


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