How we met El Grumpo, walked on mushrooms and drank smoothies in the mist…

This morning we began by visiting Casa de Pilatos a fifteenth century house, with beautiful tiles and ceilings and wonderful gardens. Well worth a visit and only a short walk from our apartment here. It was getting on for noon when were wandering back and we thought we’d try a recommended tapas bar for a drink and a quick snack. It was there we not only had substandard food but encountered El Grumpo, the most bad tempered waiter in Seville. He made it a pleasure to leave the bar. No wonder the place across the square was three times as busy…

On we walked, fortified by insipid prawns and the blandest potato salad this side of the Spanish border till we came upon Plaza Encarnation and the wooden structure known locally as Incarnations Mushrooms . We’d tried to visit these the other day but the area was closed. Today however, our way was clear. We used the escalator to get to the base of the structure, then went down to the lift to reach the platform at the top. Yes, I know it sounds a bit strange, just bear with me..

In the ‘basement’ there is an exhibition of the Roman and later archeological discoveries made when excavating the foundations. It reminded us very much of the Borne Center in Barcelona. Exiting the exhibit, you catch a very snazzy, mirrored lift to the top of the parasol and walk round…..then back down..

On the way back to the apartment, we stopped for smoothies at the same place as the other day. This time though, they had their ‘cooling’ system set up and as we drank, we were periodically swathed in fine mist, as if we were in a tropical rain forest.  It did nothing for Susie’s hair, though needless to say, mine was hardly affected…

This evening we tried El Traga, an up market tapas bar which is more like a restaurant. It’s great. Wonderful inventive food, friendly waiters and a super maitre’d who caught up with us at the door, thanked us for coming and complimenting the food and ensured us that we’d have the same quiet table tomorrow as we had tonight…oh yes, we’re going back….

Oh well, the end of another hard day exploring….the bar crawlers are wending their noisy way home and no doubt we’ll have the street cleaning alarm at 5AM…..

2 thoughts on “How we met El Grumpo, walked on mushrooms and drank smoothies in the mist…

  1. margaret21

    I’m so glad yo enjoyed Casa de Pilatos. For us it was the star of the show. And how many tapas bars there must be in Seville! We loved our own choices, and yours, though different, are clearly (nearly) all as fine.


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