It’s hot, sticky and a tad noisy…

We haven’t slept too well since arriving here. The apartment is on the junction of five streets and seems to be a crossroads for tourists, residents and revellers to either go to a bar or to come back home from a bar, the latter after 2am. So far we were serenaded with a version of ‘Wonderwall’ by some drunk Brits, last night a male busker began a solo flamenco vocal performance beneath our window and proved to me why Spains entries into the Eurovision Song Contest have been less than successful. Then at about 4am we had Seville Councils street sweeping, spraying and sucking machine, whose driver was determined to be as thorough as possible and cover every centimetre of tarmac…

All that being said, we are thoroughly enjoying our time here…..Off we went to Pan Y Pui again for breakfast. I timed it this morning and it’s less than a minutes walk for two doddery, sleep deprived pensioners. Despite finding a clearer map in the apartment and formulating a plan to visit the Plaza Encarnation then the celebrated graffiti at the rear of the bus station I managed to send us in totally the opposite direction. Oh well, we did end up at the river, walked past Torre Del Orre and the Bullring, ending up at the bus station….The graffiti was worth it though…

It was far too hot (39C on one display) to walk further along the river, so we headed back into town, hoping to find the Metropol Parasol, a huge wooden structure, which stretches across the road. Along the way we stopped at a small park and found some strange trees, with complex trunks and roots hanging in the air. Sadly the Parasol was closed (not literally as it wasn’t folded up) and we consoled ourselves with two delicious fruit smoothies…

Tonight we had a table booked at a restaurant but it meant retracing our steps to the Parasol and further on. Neither of us had the energy to walk there, so we settled for going back to Bar Europa, which has such a lovely atmosphere and staff but sadly no desserts. There’s half a chocolate cake in the fridge with my name on it…who cares if it’s a bit noisy??

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