How we got lost in Seville and fell in love with it….

We didn’t have a plan today….well actually Susie didn’t have a plan which is so unusual that it could have begun snowing….

We began this morning with a visit to Pan Y Piu for breakfast, a photo of which is featured above. I think this place may be frequented daily whilst we are here. We then set off in the general direction of the Tourist Office. Without the benefit of a map we soon got lost. Though here and on holiday, our lack of bearings wasn’t too much of a concern. Wandering around we discovered wonderful buildings, enchanting parks and gardens, intriguing streets and narrow alleyways.


We stopped for refreshments then found an information kiosk where we splashed out €1 for a map. For some reason our homing beacon must have been working as in a matter of minutes we were back at the apartment.

A small siesta later and we were ready to try Bar Europa, which is barely five minutes walk away. Wonderful tapas in a 1925 bar. I even indulged in my second beer of the day. Not at all busy but this place has a great, warm ambiance.


On the way back we popped into Pan Y Pui for a couple of slices of cake….Yes, it doesn’t close till 10pm, just perfect for those with an after dusk sweet tooth….or indeed at any time of the day….

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