When life gives you oranges…you eat a whole squid in Seville…

Here we are in Seville….it was 34C when we got off the plane this evening and now, well after 10pm, it’s not a lot cooler. The apartment is wonderful. The stairs to it maybe less so but the original features, modern additions and view from the shared roof terrace more than make up for it.

Our car journey to Orly was mostly uneventful, though the satnav is still confusing and we ended up at some sort of barrier to get into Rungis. Anyway, I turned round and drove against the traffic for a few metres and we picked up the route. Our passage through the airport was smooth as was the flight which arrived 30 minutes early. A further twenty minute taxi ride and we were here, in the maze of streets which typifies this area.

After a quick tour of the apartment we set off to find a supermarket and somewhere to eat. Not necessarily in that order though. Literally less than two minutes away, we’d located both. We didn’t go into the supermarket but we did eat at La Bodega It’s a tapas bar that also does larger individual dishes…whole squid with salad for example..

The food was very good, the ambiance great and service jolly but snail like. Honestly, we were both really hungry and very tired, much too tired to make gastronomic judgements. Who knows what we’ll discover and what will find it’s way into our stomachs during the coming days……

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