We’re off again…..

I’m sitting here at the computer, a mug of Nespresso ‘Barista’ coffee to hand (strength 11, so I’m now wide awake), whilst outside the first tendrils of Autumn are creeping round the house. The sky is overcast and a fine drizzle is falling. So, a perfect time to leave for warmer climes….

Seville and Cordoba are our destinations. Accommodation in both cities by Air B&B as usual. We are flying with Transavia out of Orly, so the big blue suitcase is being called into service again. We have booked a hotel room at Orly but with the reverse arrangement we had in May, leaving the car in the hotel car park and staying overnight when we return. Transavia have been so helpful, changing our flights twice and arranging for our return flight to land at 11pm…we should be thankful that it’s not Ryanair….

I’m filled with anticipation, excitement and nerves. These are two places neither of us have visited before and we’ll enjoy becoming explorers again. No doubt our gastronomic needs will be filled too, though we haven’t prebooked many restaurants. I’ve been checking the weather and wonder if we can cope with highs in the low 30’s and night time glacial lows of 20 degrees centigrade. I’m slightly nervous of driving to Orly, though we have done it before.

I guess the next blog will be from Seville….it’s a hard life…

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