Susie’s Big Birthday Bash continues..

Determined to celebrate her birthday for as long as possible, Susie had arranged for a special meal at our usual Saturday lunch venue, L’Aromate in St.Aubin Du Cormier. She’d given the chef Frederique, a quite extensive budget and more or less carte blanche to choose the menu.

We took our English friends and neighbours, Gill and John and met up with Owen and Margaret, our regular dining partners at the restaurant. We began with dry Martini cocktails, of which I only took a couple of sips, not only because I was driving but they were far too dry and bitter for me. The ‘spare’ cocktail’ somehow managed to find a home nevertheless. As an amuse bouche, we had slices of mozzarella with julienned cucumber and an olive oil dressing, followed by a delicious fish course of lotte on chicory with an orange butter sauce.


The meat course was top quality Iberian pork, with roast Normoutier potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a mild curry sauce. Dessert was an incredible blackcurrant souffle, using locally sourced bio berries.


The wine flowed, as did the conversation and laughter. By the time coffee arrived it was almost 4pm and we had been in the restaurant for over three hours. It was a lovely day spent with good friends….and long may that continue.

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